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Organic Indigo Powder

Organic Indigo Powder

PriceFrom C$15.00

100% pure organic plant powder.  Indigo is a natural dye, the same used for dying blue jeans. It can make your hair blue-black, if you already have dark hair. Indigo is messy, but is safe. Most black hair dyes contain PPD, a dangerous chemical that can cause allergic reactions.


Indigo has no additives, chemicals, or pesticides. Henna coats each hair shaft with color. Blends naturally. Fades gradually. Lasts 4-6 weeks. Smooths and seals the hair's cuticle for greater shine and body. Our custom-tailored recipes can be used for special effects, covering grey, and improving texture.



Mix with water to create a ketchup like paste and apply.

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