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How To Mix

Henna Plant

HENNA gives Reddish tones for brunette and copper tones for white or light hair.

Indigo Plant

INDIGO gives blueish tones, brown-black tones on brunette or when mixed with henna for white or light hair.

Cassia Plant

CASSIA is clear for brunette and warm golden tones for light or white hair.

Amla Berry

AMLA conditions the hair and boosts curl, and adds cool golden tones to henna mixes.

 Best Mixing Practices

Henna Supplies

50-75g for short hair, 100-150g for medium length, 200-250g for long hair.

  1. Mix Henna, indigo and cassia in a bowl with lukewarm water to make a paste similar to a ketchup consistency.

  2. For resistant grey, premix Henna with water and 15 g of Amla. Let sit for 6-12 hours before application.

  3. Apply the henna paste to a section of clean wet or damp hair from roots - ends.

    4. Wrap hair with plastic wrap or shower cap to keep moist.

    5. Let sit for 1-4 hours. The longer, the deeper the shade. Rinse                                       thoroughly.

Henna Mixing Chart

Colour results are shown on white hair. Colour will vary depending on your natural colour.



Cassia & Amla


Red Brown

50 g Henna

50 g Indigo


Dark Golden Blonde

75 g Cassia

10 g Indigo

5 g Henna

5 g Amla


Light Brown

33 g Henna

33 g Indigo

33 g Cassia


Strawberry Blonde

60 g Cassia

25 g Indigo

25 g Henna

10 g Amla


Medium Brown

25 g Henna

50 g Indigo

25 g Cassia



25 g Cassia

25 g Indigo

25 g Henna

25 g Amla


Dark Brown

70 g Indigo

30 g Henna


Henna Red

Henna Only

(Results vary)



Indigo Only


Red Wine

75 g Henna

25 g Indigo



Grey Coverage Over 10%

*2-step process is required.  See below.

  • Henna can be applied to chemically dyed hair and can be applied as often as desired.

  • Henna should be applied to the roots monthly as well as the ends, if necessary. 

  • Use Shikakai Powder to rinse out treatments in replacement of shampoo & conditioner, plus add Soap nuts for shine and Hibiscus to  strengthen the roots.

  • For best rinsing results:  Add 1 teaspoon or 5 grams of each to 1 cup of water and pour into an empty bottle for a tea like mixture, shake well. Can be used immediately or let soak overnight.

Henna Mixing Videos

How to Mix Henna and Cassia

Dark Brown Mix

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