"Thank you Hun! I'm so pleased with the cut, henna treatment and colour! I'm oiling weekly, brushing and taming it as you said."



"Thanks for the indigo ♥"



I have been colouring my hair with henna for 2 years now and my hair has never been healthier. It is shiny, full of volume and very easy to manage.  I wish I had known about colouring my hair with henna a long time ago, as chemical colour would often make my scalp itch and I didn’t want to put chemicals on my scalp while I was pregnant.  With henna, I don’t have to worry about any of that! It covers my grey beautifully, making it look like natural highlights. Gina is wonderful – she will work with you to get the colour that you’d like to achieve. Thank you, Gina, for introducing me to henna.  I can’t imagine putting a chemical colour in my hair ever again!
Take care,

Beautiful I Love it. Had a nice long mud bath when i got home tehn i just used water to rinse it out and put coconut oil on ends. It feels so  healthy cant wait to see wha it looks like curly. M.T

Hey Gina! Hope this day finds you well...just wanted to share a pic of my beautiful hair with you, because of you and your amazing gifts, I feel the best that I've felt in a long time! Women bring love and beauty into this harsh world and I know how much you would love to empower them with educating them to use a more organic way of feeling ravishing from the inside out!!! If they could only feel the magic that happens to them when they start using henna...and how their whole being starts to transform using it's amazing energetic properties!!!!

My hair has never been so easy to manage. I love the way pure henna leaves my scalp and hair smelling sweet and clean and takes on beautiful tones and shades according to lighting. I am convinced Nature is the secret to true lasting and beauty and youth.  


Gina Laurito

Henna Hair salon