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Organic Medium Brown Kit

Organic Medium Brown Kit


Certied Organic, Triple Sifted, High Quality Powders. Gives 2-3 applications. 

Ingredients: Cassia Leaf Powder 100g, Henna Leaf Powder 100g, Indigo Leaf Powder 100g.

MEDIUM BROWN MIX- 50 g indigo, 25 g henna, 25 g cassia.


50-75g for short hair, 100-150g for medium length, 200-250g for long hair.

1. Mix Henna, indigo and cassia in a bowl very well. Add small amounts of lukewarm water to make a paste similar to a ketchup consistency and stir very well.

*  For resistant grey, premix Henna with water and 15 g of Amla. Let sit for 6-12 hours before application.

2. Apply the henna paste to a section of clean wet or damp hair from roots - ends.

3. Wrap hair with plastic wrap or shower cap to keep moist.

4. Let sit for 1-4 hours. The longer, the deeper the shade. Rinse thoroughly.

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