As a Hairstylist for 16 years working with chemicals to color hair proved to be smelly, toxic and the opposite of  beautifying. My love of nature people and animals led me to uncover and deliver the most beautifying hair treatments on the planet! The healing power of plants and the way they infuse positive energy into your life is amazing and I'm grateful to be able to share this with you.

 Henna Hair Salon Story

To add enhance and share the positive healing vibrations of the earth through beautifying hair treatments that strengthen, lengthen and colour your hair.


Plant dyes have been used for thousands of years. You don't have to die for hair dye! Using 100% plant leaves, herbs and fruit you will achieve optimal beautifying results.

Some of the Benefits of Plant Dyes:
Healthy Shiny Beautiful Hair, Treats dandruff, eczema, dry scalp etc., Strengthens  Hair, Promotes Hair Growth, Prevents Greying
Gives you a youthful glow, Is Good Luck, Prevents Headaches, No toxic chemicals, Smoothes Hair with every Treatment, Covers White hair, Ultimate Protein Treatment, Safe non-toxic, Environmentally friendly, 100 % Natural, Good for You! and Cruelty-FREE!

the leaves are ground up and when mixed with water the tannins in the plant produce a dye pigment that is very similar to your hair protein making it ideal for hair colour, protection, strengthening and beautifying the hair! Henna is antifungal and antibacterial and is good for you and your hair, so you can apply henna as often as you like! With every henna application the colour deepens and becomes richer. You will experience beautiful hair with henna.

Henna is a plant...